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Listing/ Fixed IncomeBME Exchange: Modern. Fluid and transparent. The best market for your fixed-income needs

Listing Debt on the BME Exchange

Spain’s Fixed Income market is one of the most modern, fluid and transparent in the world. BME Fixed Income Markets offer companies and investors a wide range of options to issue different types of securities. Key characteristics of the Spanish Capital Markets include:

  • Deep and broad pools of capital.
  • Simple, efficient, cost effective and market-driven regulations and processes.
  • One-stop shop: listing, trading and post-trading services all under one roof.



Our comprehensive range of products and maturities offer you the choice and flexibility you need: Public Debt, Commercial Papers, Bonds, Covered Bonds, Green Bonds, Securitizations, Notes, etc.


All of our market procedures are streamlined and efficient giving you the agility you need for your debt issues.


All information available and accessible to all investors.