BME welcomes you to CEPYME 500, a project in which the main objective is to identify, select and promote a group of 500 leading companies in terms of business growth, due to their results obtained over recent years, their capacity for generating activity and employment, their potential for innovation as well as their international outlook.

The initiative aims to provide the selected companies with national and international recognition and projection.

BME, as a partner and main sponsor, offers you a wide range of services and products to enable entrepreneurs to reap all the benefits of securities markets. From information and training to access the market for the first time to more specific services and products to enable businesses to successfully deploy their entire potential.

For the complete list and detailed information about the CEPYME 500 companies please visit the webpage https://www.cepyme500.com

Stock exchange funding

Becoming listed on the stock market is a strategic decision for companies. The main reasons for turning to the market include raising funds, increasing visibility, providing shareholders with liquidity and obtaining an objective valuation of the company.


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