Research description

Morningstar Reports

BME's equities websites provide a quantitative analysis report for each of the companies listed on the IBEX Medium Cap® and IBEX Small Cap® indices and for the companies listed in the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB) segment for growth companies.

This research supports market intelligence on the listed companies from a quantitative perspective, offering illustrative ratios on the valuation of these companies and comparing how this ranks versus that of other companies in the same sector and country.

The reports, prepared by the global research provider Morningstar, are designed to offer quantitative ratings of the position of each company vis-à-vis its valuation using a statistical model and all data available at each market session close.

As explained in the accompanying description, the methodology is based on discounted cash flow models using historical data and statistical models, and involves calculating the intrinsic value estimate assigned to each stock as well as four core indicators: valuation, confidence valuation, competitive advantage and financial health.