A positive year for Brazilian energy companies – an overview of the opportunities in the Latin American region

November 10, 2022

While stocks worldwide are decreasing heavily this year, the FTSE Latibex Brasil Index increased by over 20% in 2022. In this webinar, Jesús González Nieto (Director of BME Growth and Latibex), Miguel Ángel Cicuéndez (Director of Eurohispano Opciones Sicav.) and Alejandro Varela (Fund Manager Renta 4 Gestora) discussed opportunities and risks in the Brazilian market together with two representatives of Brazilian energy companies: Antonio Carlos Vélez Braga (Executive Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis, CEMIG) and Renato de Almeida Rocha (Deputy Director of Investor Relations at NEOENERGIA). Both of these companies are listed on Latibex and are therefore easily accessible to European investors as they can be traded in Euros.

As Brazilian energy companies performed really well this year and the Brazilian Real is also helping with their valuation in euros, this sector turned out to be a good investment opportunity. In the webinar, the five panelists discuss the outlook for economic growth in Brazil, refute common prejudices and talk about the country’s high interest rates, which have successfully kept inflation under control.

Watch the video bellow to learn more about investing opportunities in Brazil.

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