Working at BME

BME’s employees are the company’s number-one asset. The Human Resources Area works to ensure the professional and personal development of company employees by constantly improving the services and activities offered to them, their training and professional development programmes, and the technical tools available to facilitate any procedures, consultations or requests they may have.

BME promotes flexibility and work/life balance for its permanent and temporary workers through a number of policies: unpaid and paid leave and working day reductions for legal guardianship and nursing.

Other work/life balance measures benefiting all employees include flexible starting and finishing times, a 5.5 hour working day on Fridays and the eves of holidays, and the possibility of requesting vacation days at any time and split them over different periods. Also, employees may request to work from home should this be justified.  

BME employees also have access to other social benefits that encourage a healthy work/life balance. These are mainly in the form of financial support. BME provides all employees with a life insurance policy covering death by any cause, accidental death or death in a traffic accident, or permanent and full disability. The company also facilitates annual medical check-ups for employees as well as a health insurance policy, which is complementary to public social security health care.

The Human Resources Area promotes training and refresher courses for its employees through the BME In-house Training Programme and other complementary courses, in order to contribute to their professional development.

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Working at BME



Working at BME






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