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MAB welcomes HOLALUZ

29 November, 2019

Carles Leg, director of the Holaluz’s self-consumption area; Oriol Vila, Carlota Pi y Ferran Nogué,  

founders of the company, and Jesús González Nieto, General Manager of  MAB. 


Featuring the traditional bell-ringing in Barcelona

• It is the twenty first company to list on MAB this year

MAB today welcomed HOLALUZ with the traditional bell-ringing ceremony, which was performed by the company’s founders, Carlota Pi (CEO), Oriol Vila and Ferran Nogué, and Carles Leg, director of Holaluz’s self-consumption area.

It is the twenty first listing in 2019 on this market, which is made up of 122 companies.

Jesús González Nieto-Márquez, General Manager of MAB, stated that “the listing of Holaluz on this BME market is great news and reaffirms the companies’ increasing interest in MAB as an alternative source of financing for businesses from all sectors”.

Impulsa Capital is the Registered Adviser of the company while GVC Gaesco Valores will act as Liquidity Provider.

All the photos of the bell ringing are available on Flickr through this link:

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