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BME acquires protective material to help the Spanish Armed Forces in their fight against COVID19

14 April, 2020
  • It has purchased face masks, protective overalls and nitrile gloves worth 1 million euros for the members of the Armed Forces involved in the 'Operation Balmis'

Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) - in coordination with the Spanish Armed Forces - has purchased protective material worth 1 million euros for them to use in their fight to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The contribution has been specifically earmarked for the acquisition of FFP2 face masks, nitrile gloves and disposable protective overalls for use by military personnel involved in the different missions of the "Operation Balmis". The transaction has been carried out through an approved supplier, using the Army's logistics network and with full traceability.

Through the so-called "Operation Balmis", the Spanish Armed Forces are playing a key role these days in combating the health emergency situation caused by the rapid spread of the pandemic. Among other actions, they are working on the disinfection and set-up of infrastructure to support the Spanish hospital network, while also participating in border control and critical infrastructure security missions.

This donation adds to other measures taken by BME in recent weeks to deal with the crisis caused by the coronavirus. Following at all times the recommendations of the health authorities, more than 97.5% of the staff carry out their activity working from home and all the company facilities have been disinfected.

Renta 4 Banco has joined this initiative with 100,000 euros, which adds to BME’s contribution.  Among other actions, Renta 4 Banco is collaborating with donations to associations and institutions in those Latin American countries in which it has a presence, such as Chile, Peru and Colombia.

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