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COX Energy to start trading in BME Growth on 3 July

29 June, 2023
  • The company, which is the fifth to join this market in 2023, starts with a valuation of 285 million euros

The Board of Directors of the Market has approved the listing of COX ENERGY on 3 July following a thorough review of all the information presented by the company and after the favourable assessment report on its listing issued by the Coordination and Admission Committee. This is the fifth company to join this BME market so far this year and the first company to be listed on both BME Growth and the Mexican Stock Exchange.

The company's Board of Directors has taken a reference price of 1.73 euros per share as the starting point for trading, taking into account the valuation report by an independent expert, which implies a total valuation of the company of 285 million euros.

The company’s ticker symbol will be “COX”. The company's Registered Advisor is Singular Bank while Gestión de Patrimonios Mobiliarios will act as Liquidity Provider.

COX ENERGY was incorporated in Mexico in 2015 and together with its subsidiaries forms a group of companies with a 100% green focus with an international presence dedicated to the management, development and operation of a portfolio of renewable energy projects, mainly from photovoltaic sources, with a presence in Europe and Latin America. This company was listed on the Mexican Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA) on 8 July 2020. The company is now seeking greater visibility and access to European markets through its incorporation into BME Growth.

The Informative Document on COX ENERGY can be found on BME Growth’s website ( and contains all the relevant information on the company and its business.   

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