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New Commercial Paper Programme of Oesía Networks on the MARF

3 July, 2023

BME's Fixed Income Market, MARF, has admitted to trading today a new Commercial Paper Programme of Oesía Networks for a total amount of 30 million euros. The Commercial Papers to be issued under this new programme will have a maturity of up to two years and their nominal amount will be 100,000 euros. This is the first time that Oesía Networks accesses the Fixed Income markets to finance its activity.

PKF Attest will participate as Registered Advisor of Oesía for the Commercial Paper Programme in the MARF. The Placement Entities will be PKF Attest itself, Banco Sabadell and Beka Finance. Banco Inversis is the Paying Agent of the Programme and Cuatrecasas has acted as legal advisor to the new issuer.

EthiFinance Rating has assigned a corporate rating of BB to Oesía Networks.

Oesía Networks is a multinational company, with 100% Spanish privately owned capital, which follows a dual business model dedicated to digital and industrial engineering. Develops innovation and transformation projects in 40 countries in four continents through strategic sectors like public administrations, healthcare, banking and insurance, industry, services and utilities, telco & high tech, aeronautics, space, defense and security. It acts with the commitment to create a better, more efficient, safe and sustainable world, contributing to national sovereignty and the strategic autonomy of Europe.

In the 2022 financial year, the total turnover of the Oesía Group reached 183.2 million euros and its EBITDA was 19.6 million euros.

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