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SIX reaches a global agreement with Greenomy for sustainability reporting in Swiss and Spanish markets

4 December, 2023

In Spain, BME, and Greenomy, the leading ESG reporting provider, have joined forces to help issuers and financial institutions navigate and adhere to ESG reporting effortlessly.

SIX, the Swiss and Spanish stock exchange operator and global financial information provider, and Greenomy, the leading ESG reporting provider, have announced an alliance to help financial institutions and companies in both markets efficiently comply with ESG frameworks, enabling them to measure, improve sustainability performance and access green financing opportunities.

As an ESG product provider, SIX develops and thus empowers its customers and partners to achieve their sustainability objectives by providing business-critical data, regulatory risk content services and analytical solutions that enable profitable, sustainable and compliant operations, ultimately fostering sustainable investment decisions.

SIX has reached an agreement with Greenomy for the commercialization of an end-to-end solution assisting companies and financial institutions in the Spanish and Swiss markets to collect, manage and report on ESG in alignment with the latest European mandatory frameworks, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the EU Taxonomy, as well as international frameworks such as ISSB and GRI. This comprehensive solution not only ensures compliance with existing ESG frameworks but also positions companies to adapt to emerging standards, fostering sustainability improvements and contributing to the transition to more sustainable future.

Greenomy has established itself as the leading SaaS platform specializing in facilitating CSRD and EU Taxonomy reporting for companies as well as GAR/BTAR and CSRD requirements for financial institutions. Greenomy leverages legislative codification, ESG data libraries, Generative AI and thorough analysis to automatically generate sophisticated sustainability reports through its Company and Lender portals. The Greenomy solution accelerates reporting processes by up to seven times and achieves an 80% cost reduction in costs compared to manual reporting methods.

 Javier Hernani, Head BME: "The strategic agreement reached with Greenomy will provide companies in the Spanish market (issuers, financial intermediaries and other entities subject to publish ESG information) with a comprehensive and affordable sustainability reporting tool that facilitates the management, monitoring and analysis of reports in a complex and changing regulatory environment. It is an important step in BME's drive as a center for sustainable finance."

Marion Leslie, Head Financial Information and responsible for Sustainability on the Executive Board at SIX, commented, “We are delighted to be partnering with Greenomy to create and deliver innovative sustainable finance solutions for the capital markets value chain. There is an ever-increasing demand for ESG software solutions, that can address and automate the analysis and reporting complexity challenges linked to pluralism of frameworks, metrics and regulation. With this partnership, we are enabling growth in the ESG segment and are establishing our firms as leading providers in the field”.

Alexander Stevens, CEO of Greenomy, said, "With the emergence of ESG frameworks such as the CSRD and the EU taxonomy, European financial institutions and companies face multiple new challenges. Our partnership with Six goes beyond collaboration, it is a true convergence of shared visions. Through the innovative capabilities of our AI-powered Greenomy Portal, this partnership empowers institutions in their ESG reporting journey, improving both data collection and reporting efficiency. Together, we are not only advancing sustainability performance, but actively shaping a sustainable future through our united strategic vision".

About SIX

SIX is a global financial services provider supporting the entire value chain. SIX operates the Swiss, Spanish and Digital Stock Exchanges, providing post trade services in domestic and global markets. Financial Information provides global data services and solutions. The Group also orchestrates Banking Services on behalf of the Swiss National Bank. The company is owned by its users (120 banks). With a workforce of 4,044 employees and a presence in 20 countries, it generated operating income of CHF 1.5 billion and Group net profit of CHF 185.0 million in 2022.  

Acerca de BME

Bolsas Mercados Españoles (BME), is the operator of stock markets and financial systems in Spain. It was incorporated in 2001 and since 2020 has been part of the Swiss group SIX, making it the third largest market infrastructure manager in Europe.It is headquartered in Madrid, and also has a presence in Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia.BME structures its activity in the following business units: Exchanges, Securities Services and Financial Information.

About Greenomy

Greenomy stands at the forefront of ESG reporting solutions, providing global corporations with a seamless pathway to compliance with key frameworks including CSRD, EU Taxonomy, GRI, ISSB, and more. Leveraging our cutting-edge SaaS portal, Greenomy unifies complex regulatory demands into a coherent data model, fortified by ESG data libraries and the power of Generative AI. This integration empowers organizations to simplify the creation of comprehensive sustainability reports, allowing ESG teams to focus on driving impactful transformations.

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