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New document from tuTECHÔ about its listing on BME Growth

22 April, 2024
  • It is the first company to register a document of incorporation to this BME market in 2024 and the first SOCIMI with a social impact.

The Market Coordination and Listing Committee considers that tuTECHÔ will meet the requirements for inclusion in BME Growth.

The company's Board of Directors has taken a reference price of 1.01 euros per share as the starting point for trading in the shares, which represents a total value of the company of 28.6 million euros.

The company's Registered Advisor is Renta 4 Corporate, while Renta 4 Banco will act as Liquidity Provider.

tuTECHÔ is an impact investment SOCIMI that aims to address the problem of homelessness in Spain by providing a sustainable business and real estate solution with a high social impact. It is a social SOCIMI, a meeting place for professionals, impact investors, administrations and third sector entities with the same objective: to acquire homes, renovate them and rent them to social entities so that they can house the most vulnerable people, favouring their social and community integration.

This is BME Growth's first SOCIMI with a social impact to eradicate homelessness and, as such, has reduced fees.

The tuTECHÔ Information Document is available on the BME Growth Website where you can find all the information about the company and its business.

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