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BME submits entries from Greening, Revenga Smart Solutions, Seresco and Cox Energy for the European Small & Mid-Cap Awards

29 May, 2024


Group photo of the companies nominated for the European SME Awards

  • The awards, organised by the European Commission, EuropeanIssuers and FESE, aim to increase the visibility of small and medium-sized listed companies.

BME announced yesterday on the first day of the Medcap Forum the four Spanish listed companies that will compete for the European Small & Mid-Cap Awards. The nominees for the different categories of the awards will be Greening, Revenga Smart Solutions, Seresco and Cox Energy, all from BME Growth.

The awards, organised by the European Commission, EuropeanIssuers and the Federation of European Stock Exchanges (FESE), were created in 2013 and have been promoting good practices of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and encouraging them to take the leap into the financial markets for a decade. More than 98% of companies in the EU are small and medium-sized, accounting for two-thirds of employment and around 60% of GDP in the region.

Greening has been selected by BME as a candidate in the International Star category, Revenga Smart Solutions in the Star of Innovation category, Seresco in the Rising Star category and Cox Energy in the Star of 2024 category.

Greening, a vertically integrated energy company, generates 74% of its revenues outside Spain, where it is the leader in self-consumption, as well as in Mexico. It also operates in countries such as France, Germany and the United States. In 2023, the group's Ebitda tripled that achieved the previous year and its consolidated revenues more than doubled.

For its part, Revenga Smart Solutions is a company that develops technology (Hw & Sw) for Smart Mobility, to make it safer, sustainable, simple and satisfactory for the end user. In the last 20 years In the last 15 years it has invested more than 20 million euros in innovation and development of new technologies. Its project portfolio has reached a record 150 million euros.

Seresco, a company specializing in complex, sophisticated and essential technological solutions for public and private entities, has more than 800 employees. The company, founded in 1969, made its debut in BME Growth two years ago. In 2023, its revenues grew by 24%. It has more than 3,000 clients and its internationalization is especially focused on Portugal and Latin America.

Cox Energy is a platform of companies focused primarily on solar photovoltaic renewable energy generation. Its vertically integrated and dedicated to the development and promotion of energy solutions and generation in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Central America, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The company has shown solid growth, with a 180% increase in revenues during 2023 (+300% 1Q23 vs. 1Q24).

The Medcap Forum, which seeks to boost the visibility of Spanish small and mid-caps, and which brings together more than 150 investors with 105 companies, is holding its second day today with a panel of managers on investment opportunities in this type of company (at 10 a.m.), another on the value and need for active management in corporate finance and institutional investment in fixed income (at 12 noon) and another on the real estate sector (at 4 p.m.). For tomorrow, 30 May, there will be panels on the importance of IPOs (at 10 a.m.) and the Net Zero 2025 Objective (at 1 p.m.). In addition, private meetings and Discovery meetings between companies and investors will continue to be held.

You can find photos of the ceremony and the rest of the Medcap Forum panels at this link.

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