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Medcap Forum exceeds 15,000 meetings between companies and investors in its 20 years of existence

30 May, 2024
  • More than 800 people attended the XX Medcap Forum organized by BME in person
  • The importance of going public to grow, the valuations of small and mid-caps and the key role of these companies in the economy were the focus of the event's panels.

BME today concluded the twentieth edition of the Medcap Forum after having held nearly 1,200 meetings (an all-time record) between 106 companies and 188 investors registered in Discovery meetings and one-on-one meetings. Of the investors attending, 26.5% were international, coming from Germany, France, Finland, England, Switzerland, Italy, the United States, Andorra, India and Portugal. In addition to the meetings, the Forum also hosted eight panels to encourage exchange and debate on the situation of small and medium-sized companies and the main sectors of the economy. The event was attended by more than 800 participants.

With the 2024 edition, the Medcap Forum celebrates 20 years of history, during which it has facilitated more than 15,000 meetings between 3,700 companies and 1,600 investors. These data, together with its continued growth year after year, highlight the importance that this event has achieved in the promotion of small and medium-sized companies, in addition to positioning the Forum as a reference meeting point for this type of companies.

“We are proud to be able to celebrate the twentieth edition of this Forum, which highlights the importance of small and medium-sized companies as well as the prominence that BME gives them. In these 20 years we have wanted to give importance to medium-sized companies because we believe in their relevance for the proper functioning of the Spanish economy. In addition, we have also set out to be an ally of small and medium-sized companies on their path to growth and expansion,” said Jesús González Nieto, Managing Director of BME Growth and BME Scaleup.

The main theme of the public panel discussions at the 20th Medcap Forum was the central role of financial markets as a source of financing for business growth and economic development, in line with the White Paper on boosting the competitiveness of Spanish capital markets, recently published by BME. Issues such as the current valuations of small and mid-caps, the investment opportunities they offer, the diversity of this type of companies in the Spanish market and sustainability as a key factor for growth were also discussed.

Cuatrecasas and Norbolsa were the main sponsors of the twentieth edition of the Forum, while Renta 4 Banco, GVC Gaesco, PWC, EthiFinance, Mediatree, Morningstar and World Television (Wtv.) were sponsors and Atribus, the Spanish Institute of Analysis (Instituto Español de Analistas) and CFA Society Spain were collaborators.

The Medcap Forum is part of BME's initiative to promote the stock market segment for small and medium-sized companies. Along with the forum, BME has an investment ladder that facilitates the incorporation of SMEs into the stock market, which includes the Pre-Market Environment, which helps companies to prepare to make the leap to the stock market; BME Growth, the stock market for SMEs; and, since a few months ago, BME Scaleup, a market aimed at scaleups with a proven business model, and also open to SOCIMIs and family companies, which welcomed its first company in January of this year and already has three listed companies. The main market is the last rung of this financing ladder that adapts to the needs of the companies at each moment of development.

You can find all the information about the event on its website and all the photos of these three days of the Medcap Forum here.

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