Greenalia receives favourable report from MAB

The Coordination and Admissions Committee of MAB has submitted to the Board of Directors a favourable report on GREENALIA,stating that the company is eligible for admission to the market, following a review of all the information presented by the company.

The company will start trading once the MAB’s Board of Directors has approved the admission.

The company’s ticker symbol will be GRN and trading will be through a price setting mechanism which will match buy and sell orders by means of two daily auction periods or “fixings”. Solventis A.V is the Registered Advisor and will act as Liquidity Provider.

Based on the capital increase carried out by the company prior to the listing, with a value of €3 million, the reference value set by the company's Board of Directors for each of the shares is €2.03, which brings its overall valuation to €43.1 million.

GREENALIA is a group of companies with more than 20 years’ experience. It started in the forestry industry and later on it branched out into the biomass sector with the production of biofuels (pellets and dry woodchips) as well as electric and thermal energy, now expanding to other resources in the renewable energy sector, such as wind energy.

The Informative Document on GREENALIA can be found on the MAB’s website ( and contains all the relevant information on the company and its business.