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The 12th. MEDCAP FORUM brings together 100 companies and 200 investors at the Spanish exchange

30 May, 2016
  • The significant presence of a large number of companies and investors reinforces this gathering as a meeting point for Spanish small and midcap companies
  • The second session of the Forum will be devoted to the 6th gathering of MAB companies and investors

100 Small and Midcap companies listed on the Spanish stock market and more than 200 institutional investors will participate during two days in the 12th MedCap Forum of Small and Medium Capitalisation companies, which BME will host in the Madrid Stock Exchange, starting tomorrow, 31 May.

Antonio Zoido, Chairman of BME, will welcome participants during the opening session. Following his address, Rafael Miranda, Chairman of Acerinox, Jaime Guardiola, CEO of Banco Sabadell and José Miguel Isidro, Chairman of Europac, will open the Forum with the focus on “The internationalisation of the Spanish companies”.

During the first session of the Forum Rosa María Sánchez Yebra, Secretary General of the Spanish Treasury and Financial Policy, will address the audience.

The main objectives of the Forum are to enhance the liquidity and financing potential of these companies and to allow investors, in particular non-residents, to gain first-hand information from a set of companies that over the last few years have proved that their efforts as well and growth and internationalisation strategies have been successful.

The programme combines roundtables on such different sectors as real estate, health and consumer and such topical themes as the contribution of managers in stock picking decisions, the new scenario for commodity prices and its impact on Spanish companies, Fixed Income funding, the diversity of growth companies and the stock market as a financing source.

For the 6th consecutive year the second session of the Forum will focus on the companies listed on MAB, most of which will be represented by their top managers.

Sponsoring the 12th MedCap Forum are Deloitte, Banco Sabadell, Morningstar, Standard & Poor`s, Orient Capital, Axesor Rating, Scope Ratings, MABIA y World Television. Also cooperating are the Instituto Español de Analistas Financieros (IEAF), Instituto BME, EFPA and Foro Capital Pymes.

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