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Openfinance celebrates its 15th anniversary

13 July, 2017
  • Leading supplier of technological solutions for financial advice

Openfinance, BME's fintech subsidiary, celebrates its 15th anniversary today as a leading specialist in the development and maintenance of innovative technological solutions for financial advice and portfolio management.  The company, based in Valencia, was created in 2002, and since then it has gradually consolidated its strategy in the development of integrated solutions, providing its customers with assistance in the development of integral solutions for the implementation and maintenance of technological solutions for financial advice and portfolio management.

Throughout these years, it has developed innovative products such as Openworkplace®,  a modular and and customised platform for highly-demanding environments such as banks, insurers, fund managers and brokers  / broker-dealers which can be integrated into the back office systems of each firm.

The company now has more than 75 national and international customers. Particularly noteworthy is the growth it has achieved  in Latin America, with the recent agreements with the Bolsa de Valores de Costa Rica and Grupo Financiero Acobo for the sale of its technology in this country. Colombia, Mexico and Chile are countries where solutions are also offered for large financial institutions, in this way reaffirming its commitment to service and permanence in the region to help further  the development of financial markets, as well as through collaboration with reputed local partners and always with the guarantee of BME.

To commemorate this anniversary, today Openfinance is hosting a round-table at the Madrid Stock Exchange on financial regulations and the challenges facing the finance industry in the fintech sector. Speakers will include Gloria Hernández of FinReg 360, Raúl Lucas, CEO of Open APIs at BBVA, and Ezequiel Szafir, CEO of OpenBank - Banco Santander. They will be followed by Paolo Sironi, Fintech Leader, with a talk on Fintech Innovation for the Wealth Management Industry.

In addition, on the occasion of its anniversary, Openfinance has renewed its image and its website. One of the main innovations  is its logo, which has been conceived as a reflection of the values ​​of the company: innovation, flexibility, experience and rigor, while also incorporating the logo of its parent company: BME Inntech. 

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