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Grupo Insur to register commercial paper on MARF

17 July, 2017

The Mercado Alternativo de Renta Fija (MARF) has registered a Commercial Paper (CP) Programme by Grupo Insur with a maximum amount of €20 million, which will allow the company to continue issuing these instruments over the next 12 months. The CPs that will be issued under the Programme will have a nominal unit value of €100,000. Their maturities may vary from a minimum of 3 business days to a maximum
of 2 years. With this new Programme Grupo Insur diversifies its sources of short term

Banco Sabadell participates in the Programme as Arranger and Placement Entity and GVC Gaesco Beka as Registered Advisor. Law firm Montero Aramburu has legally advised the issuer on the Programme registration process.

Created in 1945, Inmobiliaria del Sur is a company mainly dedicated to the integral management of real estate in Seville, Western Andalusia, Malaga, Costa del Sol and Madrid. The company has been listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange since 1984.

Through its group of companies the issuer operates in two fundamental business areas: real estate, with approximately 116,000 square metres of offices and commercial units and 2,532 parking places, and the promotion of land for the construction and commercialisation of real estate assets. In the latter it operates in a comprehensive way, on ready-to-build land, and its portfolio comprises – directly and indirectly - 2,086 homes in Seville, Marbella and Madrid.

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