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INSTITUTO BME launches the second edition of the Master in AI, in collaboration with MBIT School

4 July, 2018

Instituto BME launches, in collaboration with training centre MBIT School, the second edition of the Master in Artificial Intelligence applied to Financial Markets (mIA-X), following the successful attendance figures of the first edition, which took place in February.

The objective of the Master’s is to present innovative investment management models derived from the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to financial markets.

Among other areas, the programme covers the design of investment algorithms that allow financial institutions to spot new business opportunities, automatically offer real time, customised services and detect fraud, among other advantages.

The Master’s aims to provide the market with top-level professionals in AI, capable of developing new investment management models with deep knowledge of the different types of markets and products.

The programme spans 385 hours and is aimed at Graduates in Engineering or Economics, Business Administration and Management, Statistics, Physics or Mathematics who work in departments of financial companies concerned with investment management, fund managers, financial departments, heads of control and risk management, audit and fintech and startups oriented to financial markets.

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