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BME collaborates with the Colombian Stock Exchange in its new fixed income trading system

17 September, 2018
  • Called MASTER TRADER, it incorporates BME's routing and trading technology

The Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) has put into production Phase I of the project called INET + MASTER TRADER, catering to the Colombian stock market. Based on it, the Colombian fixed income market will be supported by both a new trading system and BME Inntech’s IT order trading and routing platform (OMS) for the automation and implementation of trading strategies.

As a result, MASTER TRADER will enable the Colombian stock market to have a worldwide standard technology which will help develop new business lines, increase liquidity and professionalise market players.

BME's IT trading solution is the main platform for access to the Spanish market through its different solutions (OMS, FIX connections, low latency drivers and trading screens) and is also the leader in Spain for routing orders to international markets.

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