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MARF reaches 100 issuers with the listing of Inveready’s new Commercial Paper Programme

21 April, 2021

BME’s Fixed Income Market, MARF, today admitted the first Commercial Paper (CP) Programme for trading from The Nimo's Holding, the parent company of the Inveready Group. This listing gives the new issuer flexible access to qualified investors to diversify its financing sources and place CP up to a maximum outstanding balance of 20 million euros. The future issues will be guaranteed by several Inveready Group’s companies.

With the incorporation of Inveready BME's Fixed Income Market (MARF) crosses the major milestone of providing financing to 100 companies since it was created at the end of 2013. Today, total financed volume exceed 5.9 billion euros.

EBN Banco de Negocios acts as Programme Arranger, while EBN itself, Andbank España and GVC Gaesco will be the Placement Entities. EBN will also act as Registered Advisor and GVC Gaesco as Payment Agent.

Evergreen Legal has advised all parties on the registration of the Commercial Paper Programme.

On April 9thAxesor Risk Management assigned the issuer a long-term credit rating of BB-, stable trend, and a short-term rating of AS3.

Inveready’s core activities focus on two main business areas: the provision of corporate finance services to the ecosystem of small and medium-sized growth companies and asset management services for professional investors interested in allocating part of their wealth to this type of asset. In addition, the Group invests in small and medium-sized companies, directly and indirectly, through closed-end collective investment vehicles. It currently has a mandate for the management of 21 venture capital companies or funds, with assets under management of close to 500 million euros, comprising 800 investors, whose portfolios are made up of 135 active companies.

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