Can I list on MaB?

If your company has a solid business plan and an attractive growth plan, then MaB is the right market where you can raise finance and boost your growth while at the same time maintaining control over your company.

MaB includes companies of varying sizes and from various different sectors.

In order to be able to take advantage of the market, you must first ask yourself what investors are looking for from a MaB company.

Companies can vary in size, turnover and profits but they must all offer investors sustainable and attractive growth. Investors value companies with a proven business plan, those with an international vocation or presence and which offer innovation, either in their products or services or manufacturing, management or distribution processes.

MaB does not finance ideas. MaB is a market for companies with a growth strategy.

Investors value companies with management teams who are committed to transparency and who honour their business plans.

Investors also look for financially sound companies, ones with an appropriate balance between equity and debt. They also trust entrepreneurs and management teams who are committed to a project, who have a proven track record in their sector and who have a long-term vocation.

A company's management team must guarantee transparent reporting Investor relations is a vital role which executives must assume as soon as they decide to come to the market. They must also be able to take advantage of the visibility and popularity listing on the MaB entails.

Companies which have successfully obtained financing on MaB have been able to demonstrate to the market that they were honouring their business plans. Investors periodically analyse a company's performance and, if it is positive, are more than happy to participate in the various capital increases launched by the company. The MaB's most successful financing model is based on successive capital increases under the premise of having met objectives and clearly stating the destination of new funds.

Investors always ask the company for a discount on the purchase price; a sign of trust in the project's future. Over the medium term, the market values companies who are performing well and this is reflected in the share price.

What investors look for in a MaB company

  • Sustainable, attractive growth
  • Proven business model
  • International presence or vocation
  • Innovation
  • Healthy finances
  • Committed management team
  • Transparent reporting
  • Active investor relations
  • Meeting forecasts