General Information

BME MTF Equity for Hedge Funds

The listing of Hedge Funds on an organised market allows these firms to benefit from greater liquidity and transparency and helps to popularise this new asset class, in this way facilitating the incorporation of these assets into the portfolios of both retail and institutional investors.

The regulations of BME MTF Equity allow the listing, settlement and registration of securities or financial instruments that due to their specific features require special treatment, as is the case with Open Ended Funds.

The market model consists in an auction-based price-fixing system or "fixing" and a procedure for buying and selling transactions at net-asset value. In order for these transactions to be possible, it will be necessary for BME MTF Equity to have been informed of the net-asset value of the trades and for the SGIIC to have carried out the controls necessary for the fulfilment of the conditions imposed by each Open Ended Fund, in compliance with the prevailing regulations.

Market model