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BME Enrique

Enrique, Head Instituto BME, Madrid

Enrique is the Director of Instituto BME in Spain. In his free time, he plays rugby and coaches the under-14 category of his club. Find out how his job and his hobby complement each other.

What does your day as Director of Instituto BME look like?

Instituto BME is a small company within the group where nine people work. We manage the courses, teach the classes, and carry out the commercial and financial activities. Every year, we have more than 6,500 students and manage around 200 courses, along with 4,000 hours of training. We have long-duration courses such as master’s degrees and short-duration specialization courses. Right now, for example, we simultaneously have 5 master’s degree courses (three editions of Artificial Intelligence and two of Financial Markets) while already preparing the summer courses and those that begin in the second half of the year. Additionally, we are recording new Braindex courses, constantly improving the platform and incorporating more staff. Each day is different, we have to be organized and versatile. Everyone has to do everything. Here at Instituto BME we don’t get bored!

What do you specifically like about your job? 

Is there anything more important than education? We have the most important job in the world, and it is one with a great deal of responsibility. I have been dedicated to training for more than 20 years and it is a very rewarding activity. From time to time a student comes up to me and tells me: “I did my master’s degree many years ago, it was the best decision. You changed my life.” In these moments, they make it all worthwhile.

You are also very active in your private life – you play rugby. 

Yes, I play rugby, although now at a slower pace as I am in the over-40 category, but I’ll keep playing as long as I can. I have been playing since I was nine years old, and I had to stop playing professionally when I was 26 years old. I say “professional level” because you train and dedicate as much time to it as a professional. But at the same time it is not professional because you can’t make a living as a rugby player in Spain. There comes a time when you must choose a field in which you can earn a living for the rest of your life. I was lucky to be part of a great generation of players and I accomplished great things. We won the Division of Honor League, two King’s Cups, one Iberian Cup, and I also played at a European Cup and two U20 World Championships with Spain. So, I can’t complain, in sports I’ve had a short but intense “professional” life. Now I enjoy a lot playing on the veterans team, especially the third half, where traditionally the home team invites the rival team to eat and drink.

You are also a coach now, right?

Yes, I currently coach the under-14 category of my club. In 2013, I took my five-year-old son to the club and the club’s management asked me to help. I’ve been coaching now for nine years. Generally, rugby clubs in Spain don’t have a big budget, so all of us working there are volunteers. But teaching the young players the values of rugby and seeing them grow and team up is very rewarding. I have been coaching throughout the categories while my son was playing. At some point I will have to leave him though.

To what extent do your hobby and your job complement each other? 

The values that I have learned from sports are teamwork, discipline, commitment, and respect. They are fundamental in any organization. A team only works if everyone pushes themselves as much as they can. Each and everyone is necessary. It takes just as much respect for teammates as it takes commitment to the job.

What advice would you give someone who considers joining SIX? 

SIX is a great company with many opportunities. We are operating in a fast-changing business where you have to be able to adapt quickly. My advice would be to keep a positive attitude and to be proactive. These are qualities that any manager recognizes. Also, try to be versatile. Continuing education is very important too as it helps you adapt to new challenges and projects. And don’t forget to learn from colleagues – SIX is a company with great people from whom you can learn a lot.

Your experience at SIX in three words.

Teamwork, efficiency, and honesty.

BME Jira

Claudia, Client Specialist BME Inntech, Zurich

Meet Claudia, who just completed her first marathon in Berlin. She grew up in Venezuela where she attended a German school. At the age of 24, she moved to Madrid. She currently lives in Zurich. Find out how this international background helps Claudia in her work and how she can share her passion for running with other employees.

Claudia, you work in an international environment; you work as a Client Specialist for a Spanish team at SIX headquarters in Zurich. Can you tell us a little more about your job and what your team is currently working on?

At the moment, I am not exclusively dedicated to client management, as our team is involved in the development of three new products for the Swiss market. I am engaged in establishing the groundwork for these initiatives. In order to carry out this project successfully, we are working in an interdisciplinary way with different teams, such as marketing and the legal department. The goal is to create a solid foundation and facilitate future sales of our products in Switzerland.

You speak three languages fluently: Spanish, German, and English. How does your international background help you in your daily work?

Well, when you work in an international environment, you inevitably learn about your colleagues' cultures, primarily through languages, words, and perspectives. This knowledge becomes invaluable in my current position, where adaptability is key. Having proficiency in multiple languages is a significant advantage. Conversations with colleagues in their respective native language not only help in clarifying details but also contribute to creating a friendly atmosphere.

In addition to your job, you are really active and practice various sports. What are you currently focusing on and what was your biggest achievement so far?

In September this year I reached a big milestone: I ran my first marathon in Berlin. That’s my biggest achievement so far and I’m still processing the whole thing; it’s pretty overwhelming. Prior to this, I had participated in half-marathons. My marathon journey officially began two years ago when I started training with a coach from Madrid. Six months ago, I officially registered for the Berlin Marathon. That’s when the real challenge began, with intensive training sessions geared towards conquering the 42 kilometers.

At the same time, I embarked on a personal initiative rooted in my post-pandemic resolve. I started Instagram challenges. For instance, I committed to activities like practicing yoga for a month or exploring habits like daily journaling. These challenges weren’t just about pushing my limits; they were opportunities to extract valuable lessons and gain new perspectives. Whether it was enduring cold showers or keeping a daily journal, each challenge provided insights. The goal was to step out of my comfort zone, prioritize the challenge for a defined period, and then reflect on its impact. The cool part about that is that you always have something to gain – whether it’s experience, a lesson, or even a new hobby.

You are part of the running community at SIX. What has your experience been like so far?

When I joined SIX, I was introduced to various communities and opportunities within our organization. It was during this time that I discovered the SIX running community team. A marketing colleague informed me about a 6-kilometer run event in Zurich, which immediately caught my interest. Given that my primary team operates from Madrid, I often found myself running alone. However, participating in events like the 6-kilometer run provided a sense of belonging. I discovered that running with others not only boosted my motivation but also helped in improving my pace.

While my focus had been on preparing for the marathon, this interaction inspired me to get to know the people within the running team better. I observed that many colleagues went for runs along the Limmat river during their lunch breaks and then utilized the shower facilities at our company.

What is your next challenge?

I really, really don’t have an answer for that right now. There’s a quote that I truly like. The quote says that “once you conquer a mountain, you start looking for the next one.” So, I’m that type of person. Right now, the marathon is the biggest challenge I’ve tackled, and that’s why I think I need a little more time to process it. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to plan something new soon.

Your experience at SIX in three words?

Connection, Community, and Experience.

BME Maria

Maria, Deputy Head Legal Department, Madrid

María Calvo, a person, a woman, a wife, the mother of three kids, a daughter, a sister, and a Deputy Head Lawyer in the Legal Department in Spain at BME, where she has been working for almost 18 years.

How would you describe your current responsibilities?

Challenging and exciting. As a member of the legal team, continually adapting to the constantly changing regulatory and legal landscape is key in delivering our legal advice and cementing our position as the best business partner. As a deputy, I view my responsibilities as an opportunity to support the team in any aspect where I can contribute to fostering a better working environment, creating opportunities for professional growth and development, and facilitating daily legal tasks.

What are the most important things you have learned while progressing both professionally and privately?

The most important wisdom learned (or rather, my core belief) is that we are human beings above all, immense in significance and dignity, and equal even though each of us holds different roles or positions. We need to practice self-awareness of our virtues and weaknesses in the ongoing search for the best version of ourselves as people. We are not just professionals in a working environment. We all have our own personal dreams, interests, goals, families, hobbies, and skills. We all need to achieve our purpose and to attain fulfillment both professionally and personally. Respect, consideration, gratitude, generosity, and empathy are needed. A work-life balance is essential as well.

How does the company help you maintain your work-life balance?

Our company offers a good set of helpful measures such as the possibility to cut back working hours, employment flexibility, and a strong commitment with a culture rooted in values such as “Ownership", "Trust", "Customer Focus" and "Collaboration". However, when your responsibilities and your professional commitment increase, how you attain a sustainable work-life balance depends very much on your personal limits, priorities, and organization. Combining all of your different roles in a satisfactory way sometimes becomes almost a heroic undertaking. I pay homage to all those people, particularly women, who have succeeded in this challenge.

There’s still a lot to be done, and all of us should be part of it. Raising awareness of the need to protect a work-life balance becomes imperative because motivated, personally fulfilled, and well-balanced people have proven to be the best professionals.

What advice would you give someone who is considering joining SIX? 

Take the job, join us. A job at SIX can offer you a solid horizon for growth and development. I nonetheless would also tell someone who is considering joining SIX that we need to be able to count on you and on what you can offer us as a team, your approach to solutions, your views, your energy, your enthusiasm, and your commitment. New joiners need to partake in the opportunities we offer, but we all need to learn from them and to benefit from their fresh contributions, and to then follow our common journey for growth together. This is a win-win arrangement!

What three words encapsulate your experience at SIX?

Commitment, opportunities, and an exciting future! 

María del Carmen

María del Carmen, Project Manager at BME

In her spare time María del Carmen, Project Manager at BME, helps out at Casa Santa Teresa, a convent that supports elderly women with disabilities. Find out more about her long journey at BME and her motivation behind volunteering on a weekly basis.

You started your career at BME 33 years ago. How has your journey been so far?   

After a few years in IT, I decided to switch to Internal Audit in 2016. Two years later, I went back to IT. At the time of the merger of SIX and BME, I had the opportunity to join a merger project. I was the first Spaniard on the project, and I served as a kind of bridge between the Swiss and the Spanish. Having worked at BME for so long, I know almost everyone. I am a very open person who likes to talk to people. This skill was very useful in establishing the link between Spain and Switzerland.Within the project I also worked for the culture workstream; we talked about the values of SIX and we encouraged teamwork.

Can you tell us about your volunteer work? 

Every Saturday afternoon I volunteer at Casa Santa Teresa, a convent that helps elderly women with disabilities. I started working there seven years ago, after my daughter’s school asked for support with the Social Work subject.

I support by preparing various accessible activities that we can enjoy together: We either go for a walk, do sports or even have sleepovers and go on weekend trips. The goal is for them to enjoy themselves in a safe space where they are supported and taken care of.

What is your motivation behind this volunteering and how does it help you in your career and your work in general? 

The main motivation is my desire to help people. I am a person with a lot of initiative and drive. When I started, I thought about what I needed to do, how to plan things, and how I was going to help them. The truth is, they have helped me more than I have helped them. They teach gratitude, patience, and teamwork. I feel very loved, they never ask for anything. They take what you give them without asking for anything in return. So, for me it’s a feeling of giving and receiving. 

That same drive and initiative I apply to my job every day. The new perspective they give me helps with my personal and professional growth. Getting out of your comfort zone improves your ability to view challenges from different angles.

What advice can you give to a colleague who would like to do more volunteering? 

When you volunteer, you see that there are lives completely different from yours, making you realize the value of having a family, a job, and good health.

Above all, you realize that it’s about gratitude. You start to value everything you have and everything they have, because you realize that there are people who are very happy with very little. 

SIX and BME have made one working day per year available to their employees for a volunteer assignment. I would recommend that every employee take part in such a volunteering day. Maybe other employees will find their way to volunteering in their free time.  

Your experience at SIX and BME in three words?

Passionate, diverse, and global.

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