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BME has been providing Service Bureau services since 2008 to its clients, including a variety of SWIFT-related products, depending on the customer needs. 

BME implemented the SWIFT network in 1998 as an integral part of the market operation, configuring its infrastructure for the SWIFT connectivity following the highest security and efficiency standards, always complying with the security and update requirements requested by SWIFT.

Added value:

  • Cost saving: there is no need for the client to invest in infrastructure.
  • Updated Technology: BME as the operator of the Spanish financial markets guarantees the maximum-security conditions of its infrastructure, as well as the greater availability of its platforms.
  • Security Guarantee: we guarantee security in the provision of your service without increasing the operational risk.
  • Quality Management: Service Bureau Clients Benefit from the maintenance that SIX performs for its own use of the SWIFT platform as a market and infrastructure operator.

As a Service Bureau we offer the outsourcing of the administration and management of the SWIFT network connectivity through the following services:



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SWIFT Engine

This service is aimed at financial institutions (banks, investment firms and fund managers) and provides the entities with connectivity to the SWIFT network through the outsourcing of the entire infrastructure that supports SWIFT in a service mode and the use of the components of the SWIFT Hub of SIX Group.

The service is designed accordingly to the needs of the customer, for which it is necessary to establish a secure connection and a safe file transmission system between the Customer and BME. Among other offered functionalities, there is the SWIFT Web Platform access, as well as the ESMIG access for the services that the customer has acquired with the European Central Bank.

BME has certified personnel in the management and operation of the SWIFT infrastructure and therefore, the entity delegates the most complex functions to highly qualified personnel.

BME Highway

This service is aimed at companies in any sector and offers a global connectivity solution between the company and its banking map, whether national or international, using the SWIFT network as a means of communication, within SWIFT SCORE service.

BME Highway for corporates is a service of reception of the bank position (statements), as well as issuance of payment and collection orders and reception of their banking confirmations or rejections.

The service offers companies the technical means for their connectivity to the SWIFT network, allowing their communication with their banking network and ensuring the integration of the company's financial messaging with its treasury management software or ERP, thus achieving a high degree of automatism.

The service has a web application that offers customers in a comfortable and intuitive way the management of their banking pool and the monitoring of the transmission and reception of files in a secure way. Through this web application, the company can manage and monitor in a secure and automated way the management of its payments, collections, as well as the reception of its banking positions and other financial operations using the SWIFT environment.

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