Technical Sender

Technical Sender is BME's service that facilitates the exchange of messaging between subscribing entities and the ECMS (Eurosystem Collateral Management System) platform for the collateral management of monetary policy operations with the Eurosystem.

The Technical Sender acts as a "hub" of connectivity between the entities and ECMS offering two levels of service:

  • Technical Sender (TS): Basic messaging routing service.
  • TS Converter (TSC): Routing service with messaging conversion between different standards.


Technical Sender



For further information, please contact the Technical Sender department at

The message categories used by ECMS are as follows:

Business Category

Corporate Actions

Securities Settlement

Securities Management


Margin Call

Collateral Management

Cash Management

Credit Claims

Credit Freezing

The Technical Sender performs the function of hub assuming functions of development, communication and control of the different elements that make up the System and allows compliance with the technical requirements of security, continuity and contingency.

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