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BME brings together 22 Spanish medium and small sized companies with international investors in Frankfurt

3 February, 2022
  • The companies represented at the event, which will take place remotely, have a combined market value of more than 11 billion euros.
  • A hundred online meetings are estimated to take place between the participating companies and over 75 European institutional investors, mainly from France and Germany.

The fifteenth edition of the Frankfurt European Midcap Event starts next 8 February, an annual meeting in which BME is a regular sponsor and which is once again being held as a virtual-only event due to health reasons. The event aims to bring together small and mid-cap companies from different European countries with more than 75 investors interested in this type of issuers.

In this edition, BME will present 22 companies, twelve from the main market ((Atresmedia, Aedas Homes, CAF, Elecnor, Grenergy, Global Dominion, Neinor Homes, Pharmamar, Prosegur Cash, Reig Jofré, Soltec and Talgo) and ten from BME Growth (Arteche, EiDF Solar, Holaluz, Izertis, Kompuestos, Lleidanet, Llorente y Cuenca, Making Science, MioGroup and Parlem Telecom).

These companies have a combined market value in excess of 11 billion euros.

BME designs and develops an annual private access plan to provide Spanish companies with access to institutional investors. This international meeting is among several other initiatives under this plan and provides companies listed on the Spanish market with direct and efficient contact with European institutional investors, especially German and French.

Executives of the Spanish companies attending the event will hold private meetings with portfolio and investment fund managers, as well as with investment heads at various companies. In the more than 100 meetings planned, Spanish companies will have the opportunity to present their latest economic and financial data, their past performance and future prospects, as well as answering any questions that investors may raise. This process of transparency and visibility is key to gaining investor confidence and providing companies with greater liquidity and financing capacity.

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