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BME and ISDE extend their collaboration agreement to Braindex

5 July, 2022
  • The 100% online financial training platform owned by BME will now feature courses by ISDE
  • Braindex already offers 44 courses of different levels on Financial Markets and Products, Dissemination, Technology and Regulation applied to the sector

BME and ISDE today announced at the Palacio de la Bolsa de Madrid a collaboration agreement through which Braindex, BME's 100% online financial training platform, will expand its offering by adding ISDE’s courses. BME and ISDE already signed an agreement in 2020 whereby Instituto BME would provide Law students with a Master's Degree in Stock Exchange in parallel with their university studies, thus offering students an exceptional knowledge.

In this way, Braindex, BME's MOOC platform, will include ISDE courses and its users will have access to the quality and prestige of this university's courses. The signing of the agreement was attended by Javier Hernani, CEO of BME; Juan José Sánchez Puig, CEO of ISDE and Enrique Castellanos, General Manager of Instituto BME. 

Braindex, which was launched by BME in September 2021, already offers 44 courses aimed at different level students, from those who wish to acquire basic notions about financial markets to professionals in the sector who want to broaden their knowledge. The courses belong to the following categories: Financial Markets and Products, Dissemination, Technology and Regulation applied to the sector. ISDE thus becomes the second university to join BRAINDEX after CUNEF University, in February.

Braindex is thus consolidated as a gateway to the world so that anyone, wherever they are, can access quality financial training with prestigious professors and institutions. 

"We are very pleased with this agreement as it is another step forward in the collaboration between Instituto BME and ISDE.  We have been collaborating in the Master’s Degree in Stock Exchange for over two years and we are very satisfied with it. ISDE is a prestigious institution that cares a lot about the rigour and quality of its educational offering, just as we do", says Javier Hernani, CEO of BME.

Juan José Sáchez Puig, CEO of ISDE, explained that "For ISDE it is very important to have excellent partners such as BME, an exemplary institution, well run, with impeccable management and one which enjoys great national and international prestige. We understand that the rule of law and tax optimisation are key elements when it comes to providing an optimal financial advisory service".

More information about Braindex in this link.

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