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New Urbas Commercial Paper Programme for 50 million euros

28 November, 2022

BME's fixed income market, MARF, has admitted to trading today Urbas Grupo Financiero's new 50-million-euro Commercial Paper Programme. With this programme, the company initiates its issuance in the fixed income markets through the MARF in order to diversify its sources of financing and access new investors. The CPs under the programme have a unit face value of 100,000 euros and will have a maximum maturity of two years.

Beka Finance is participating as a Collaborating Entity and Paying Agent in the programme, while AFI - Analistas Financieros Internacionales - will be Urbas' Registered Advisor in the MARF.

Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira has provided legal advice to the issuer on the programme and its admission to the MARF.

Grupo Urbas was founded in 1944 as a concessionaire of transport services in Barcelona and throughout its nearly 80 years of history the company has expanded its activities into other sectors of the economy, such as real estate, concessions and, more recently, in the development, construction and energy business lines. The group is currently made up of more than 100 companies operating nationally and internationally, mainly in Algeria, Bolivia, Colombia, the Middle East, Panama and Portugal. It carrys out their activities in four business areas: residential and non-residential real estate development, which includes land management, management of assets in profitability, and the development and management of residential and socio-health centres; infrastructures and building; energy, engineering and industry, which groups together the photovoltaic self-consumption business, mining, the development of renewable energy projects and the management of energy assets; and services, which provides surveillance and protection services for establishments, goods and people.

In 2021 Urbas achieved a net turnover of 201.5 million euros and a profit of 64.8 million euros. Urbas Grupo Financiero is listed on the stock exchange.

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