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New document from atSistemas about its listing on BME Growth

15 December, 2022
  • It is the fifteenth company to register an Incorporation Document with this BME Market in 2022

The Market Coordination and Listing Committee considers that atSistemas will meet the requirements for listing on BME Growth. 

The Board of Directors of the company, the fifteenth to register a Document of Incorporation on this market, has taken as a reference for the start of trading a price of 3.04 euros per share, which implies a total valuation of the company of 152 million euros.

The company's Registered Advisor is Renta 4 and Renta 4 Corporate will act as Liquidity Provider.

asSistemas is a technology company that offers a broad portfolio of services aimed at accompanying its clients' digital transformation initiatives. Services ranging from the adoption of cloud environments, data governance, opening of new communication channels and electronic sales to the improvement of ICT operations.

The Informative Document on atSistemas can be found on BME Growth’s website ( and contains all the relevant information on the company and its business.     

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