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BME admits to trading a new 700 million sustainable bond of the Basque Government

17 February, 2023
  • The seven ESG debt issues registered by the Basque Country since 2018 amount to a total of 4.4 billion euros

BME, through the Bilbao Stock Exchange, has today admitted to trading a sustainable issue by the Basque Government in the amount of 700 million euros and maturing in April 2033. The bonds, which have a unit value of €1,000, carry a nominal annual interest rate of 3.5%. The issue was seven times oversubscribed.

This is the seventh issue linked to ESG principles carried out by Euskadi since it launched its first operation in May 2018. The combined amount of the seven issues totals €4.4 billion.

Norbolsa, BBVA, Banco Santander, Caixabank, HSBC, Nomura and Citi are the financial institutions that have participated in the placement. 70% of the issue was bought by international investors, in particular from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria and Great Britain.

Last year, BME's fixed income markets admitted 28 new green, social and sustainable fixed income issues for a total amount of more than EUR 52.5 billion, from both Spanish and foreign issuers. At year-end, there were 96 such issues outstanding, compared to 63 a year earlier.

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