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BME Growth welcomes Greening Group

17 April, 2023

From left to right, Manuel Mateos, Antonio Palacios e Ignacio Salcedo


  • It becomes the first company to enter this market in 2023

BME Growth today welcomed Greening Group. Ignacio Salcedo, CEO Greening Group; Manuel Mateos, Corporate Director of Greening Group, and Antonio Palacios, Country Manager Greening-e Mexico, were accompanied by Jesús González, Managing Director of BME Growth, at the traditional ringing of the bell.

The company, which is the first to debut on this market so far this year, established a reference value for its shares of 4.92 euros, which represents a total valuation of the company of 143 million euros. The company has accompanied the market listing with a capital increase in the amount of 23 million euros.

"We wish the greatest success to Grupo Greening, which is part of the sector with the greatest weight in BME Growth, that of renewable energies. The access of small and medium-sized companies to the financial markets is very positive for the economy as a whole, because the strongest economies are those in which companies diversify their sources of financing; for investors, who find companies in innovative sectors in BME Growth; and for the companies themselves, who find in this market the best ally for their growth. Last year, companies in this market raised EUR 878 million in financing in 93 capital increases, a record number of transactions", said Jesús González Nieto-Márquez.

The company has started trading under the ticker "GGR".

All photos of GREENING GROUP’S bell ringing are available on Flickr through this link. 



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