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VANADI COFFEE to start trading in BME Growth on 20th July

18 July, 2023
  • The company, which is the seventh to join this market so far this year, debuts with a valuation of €20.1 million
  • The company has prepared its listing on BME Growth in BME's Pre-Market Environment (EpM), and becomes the seventh company to be formed and make the jump from the EpM

The Board of Directors of BME Growth has approved the listing of VANADI COFFEE on 20 July, after analysing and studying all the documentation submitted by the company and the favourable evaluation report issued by the Market Coordination and Listing Committee.

The Board of Directors of the company, which is the seventh company to join this BME market in 2023, has taken a reference price of 3.28 euros per share, which implies a total valuation of the company of 20.1 million euros. This price coincides with that established in the valuation report drawn up by Gesvalt prior to its listing on the market.

The company's trading code will be "VANA". The company's Registered Advisor is Deloitte, while GVC Gaesco Valores will act as Liquidity Provider.

VANADI COFFEE becomes the seventh company from the Pre-Market Environment to make the jump to BME Growth.

The company manages catering establishments in which its hallmark is the "Fast Good" concept (fast and healthy food). The gastronomic variety is based on carefully selected ingredients and local products that cover the needs of customers at every meal of the day, from breakfast to dinner, and applying cutting-edge technology. In all its premises, it seeks to create modern, technological and welcoming spaces with an agile service and a careful presentation of the dishes and with a "take away" service. VANADI's growth strategy involves strong organic growth in the number of cafeterias.

The VANADI COFFEE Information Document is available on the BME Growth website (, where you can find all the information about the company and its business.

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