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5 March, 2024

María Isabel Palma Sánchez, honorary president of the company, during the traditional ringing of the bell 

  • It is the first company to join this market oriented to scaleups, SOCIMIs and all types of companies seeking a first contact with the markets.

BME Scaleup today welcomed ALFIL PATRIMONIAL SOCIMI. The traditional ringing of the bell held at the Madrid Stock Exchange was led by María Isabel Palma Sánchez, Honorary President of the company, and Francisco Gómez Palma, President of the company, who were accompanied by Jesús González, managing director of BME Scaleup.

The company, which is the first to join this new BME market, took as reference a price of 7,350 euros per share, which implies a total valuation of the company of 73.5 million euros.

Jesús González explained that "ALFIL PATRIMONIAL SOCIMI marks a milestone by becoming the first BME Scaleup listed company. We are convinced that this new market, aimed at emerging companies, SOCIMIS and family-owned companies seeking a first contact with the financial markets, will help more companies of all types to become aware of the advantages of diversifying their sources of financing. This market combines the necessary transparency for investors with a simplification of incorporation requirements for companies. We are already working on new incorporations”.

The company, whose registered advisor is ARMABEX Registered Advisors, part of the ARMANEXT Group, has started trading under the code "SCALF" .

Photos of ALFIL PATRIMONIAL SOCIMI 's Toque de Campana are available on Flickr.

This new BME marketplace, which is a new rung on the financing ladder, is aimed especially at scaleups, companies with a proven business model, in an accelerated growth phase for at least three years, with a minimum turnover of one million euros and/or an investment of at least that amount. This market, which offers the necessary transparency to investors and simplifies the incorporation requirements for companies, is also open to other types of companies such as SMEs, SOCIMIs or family businesses seeking a first contact with the capital markets.

Among the advantages of BME Scaleup for companies are its ability to boost growth with funds for financing, obtain greater prestige and brand visibility, the possibility of expanding its investor base, the boost to inorganic growth and greater ease of attracting and retaining talent.

To be listed on this market, a company must be a public limited company, have a board of directors, be accompanied by an advisor registered in the market and publish audited annual accounts. It is not necessary to have a liquidity provider or to comply with a minimum free float.

BME Scaleup already has 12 registered advisors.

You can find more information about BME Scaleup on its website.


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