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The BME Pre Market Environment welcomes KeyZell, Pharmamel y OpenWebinars and reaches 25 companies

19 March, 2024
  • KeyZell is a biopharmaceutical company that fights cancer, Pharmamel researches and develops innovative medical therapies and OpenWebinars offers online technological information
  • From the 41 companies that have joined this BME program, seven have already been incorporated into the financial markets

The Pre Market Environemnt (EpM), the BME acceleration program for the incorporation of companies into the financial markets, welcomes three new companies: KeyZell, Pharmamel and OpenWebinars. With this additions there are a total of 25 companies making up this BME initiative. From its creation, 41 companies have been trained in the Pre Market Environment, seven of which joined the financial market, the BME Growth more specifically.

KeyZell is a biopharmaceutical and Deep-Tech company that uses cutting edge technological methods to innovate in biomedical sciences wit the aim of transforming the R+D of new medicines in an integral way and the development of artificial intelligence tools to fight cancer.

Pharmamel is a biotechnological company that was born as a spin-off of the University of Granada. The company developed and patented a new intravenous melatonine based to treat the sepsis (the first cause of death in hospitals)  from the technological transference and the investment in R+D+i. After successfully testing the new drug in two phase II clinical trials and proving its efficiency and effectiveness, the company now faces the development and finalisation of the phase III clinical trials to ultimately commercialize and license it.

OpenWebinars is a Seville based company working on online technological online formation, leader in transformation and talent recruitment in the companies. Its methodology allows them to design, execute and perfect the path that companies and professionals must follow to face with guaranties its digital transformation process.

With these new incorporations, the Pre Market Environment continues to train companies for its future incorporation to the financial markets through its formation and training programs. The call for new companies to join the environment is still open and ongoing.

This BME acceleration program is the first step in the financing staircase for the companies, that continues with BME Scaleup, the market directed to emerging companies, real state investment companies (SOCIMI) and family companies that are looking for a first contact with the markets; BME Growth, the SME Stock Market in which already 140 companies are listed, and the main market.

Additional information of the Pre Market Environment in the following link.

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