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SIX Digital Exchange hits Milestone with over 1 Billion Swiss Francs in Digital Assets on their platform

21 May, 2024

SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) announces that digital asset issuances facilitated on its platform will surpass 1 billion Swiss Francs (CHF) with the settlement of the CHF 200mn bond by the World Bank priced on 15 May. This achievement marks a groundbreaking advancement in the realm of institutional adoption of digital assets, as SDX continues to lead the way in providing innovative solutions in partnership with customers and regulators.

The participation of key issuers, including The World Bank, UBS AG, the City of Lugano, the Canton of Zurich, the Canton of Basel City, the City of St. Gallen and SIX Group AG, has been instrumental in advancing the Swiss Financial Centre’s digital transformation journey. Notably, several issuances have been part of SNB’s Project Helvetia Phase III, enabling settlements in Swiss Franc (CHF) wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency (wCBDC). Switzerland is the sole major financial center that has enabled the settlement of securities transactions in wCBDC.

David Newns, Head of the SIX Digital Exchange, said: “Breaking through the 1 billion barrier underscores the growing acceptance and adoption of digital assets within the global financial landscape and the world leading position that the Swiss Financial Centre has taken in this critical area of innovation in capital markets. Our objective has always been to seamlessly connect digital and traditional infrastructure, mitigating market fragmentation and facilitating the efficient transition to digital assets. The digital bonds issued to date remain open to the entire investor base as they are listed, traded and settled both on a regulated digital exchange and traditional market infrastructures.”

The success of digital bond issuances further solidifies SDX's position as a pioneering force in the digital asset space. With a focus on regulatory compliance, security, and efficiency, SDX continues to set new standards for digital finance, revolutionizing the way investors access and interact with financial markets.

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