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BME partners with Spainsif to promote sustainability among its stakeholders

4 June, 2024
  • More than one hundred Spanish entities are members of this non-profit association

BME has formalized its association with Spainsif with the aim of promoting sustainability, one of the pillars of its business strategy. Spainsif is a platform that operates as a non-profit association that is a benchmark for sustainable and responsible finance in Spain. Its mission focuses on promoting the integration of environmental, social and good governance criteria in investment policies through dialogue with different social groups to contribute to sustainable development, as well as raising awareness and promoting changes in investment processes in the investment community, public administrations, companies and the general public.

Spainsif's core activities are institutional representation, promotion, communication and training with its member entities, which are made up of 116 leading Spanish public and private institutions.

BME's association with Spainsif is aligned with the sustainability strategy of SIX, the group to which it belongs.

“Being part of Spainsif will give impetus to the actions promoted by the Spanish market to boost sustainability, as one of its strategic priorities is to become a center for sustainable finance. In this sense, BME is committed to promoting ESG financial products and services for its clients, such as green bonds or ESG indices, as well as offering support to market participants with tools for non-financial reporting,” says Javier Hernani, CEO of BME.

“We are delighted to welcome BME to the forum. At a time when data availability, risk analysis and the construction of sustainability indices are increasingly relevant, their membership strengthens Spainsif's ability to promote responsible and sustainable financing and investment practices in Spain, and brings us closer to achieving shared goals in favor of sustainable development,” points Andrea Gonzalez, CEO of Spainsif.

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