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NZI HELMETS’ new BME Growth Incorporation Document

18 June, 2024
  • The company, which is the second to join the BME market this year, is the eighth company to make the leap to the SME stock market from the Pre-Market Environment

The Market Coordination and Incorporations Committee considers that NZI HELMETS will meet the requirements to join BME Growth. It is the second company to join this BME market so far this year and the eighth to make the leap from the Pre-Market Environment, BME's training initiative that helps prepare companies that want to join the financial markets.

The company's Board of Directors has taken a reference price of 0.91 euros per share as the starting point for trading in the shares, which represents a total value of the company of 15 million euros.

The company's Registered Advisor is Deloitte Auditores, while Singular Bank will act as Liquidity Provider.

NZI HELMETS, a Spanish company born in Yecla (Murcia), is one of the global leaders in the world of road safety and protection for motorcyclists. Founded in 1983 by Nazario Ibáñez Ortín, NZI has since manufactured more than 21 million helmets and distributed them in more than 65 countries. In fact, in 2015 the company sold 65% of its production in Spain, and currently 50% of sales come from international markets, establishing a solid foundation to drive the company's expansion plans which are now focused on leveraging the value of a brand that is widely recognised among motorcyclists around the world.

The NZI HELMETS Information Document is available on the BME Growth website, where you can find all the information about the company and its business.

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