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BME joins REDI to promote LGTBI diversity

28 June, 2024

BME joins REDI, the Business Network for LGTBI Diversity and Inclusion, which has more than 260 associated organizations, including large companies, SMEs, institutions, individuals and expert consultants.

Yesterday, on June 27, during the REDI Academy, a full day of training, celebration, sharing of best practices and networking activities for REDIBME associates, she received the diploma accrediting her as a new associate, along with the rest of the new companies in the association. This is another step forward in the company's commitment to LGBTI diversity, as part of its commitment to sustainability. 

"With this initiative, BME reaffirms its commitment to diversity and equality for all its employees, a guiding principle in all the company's practices for human resources management. We work every day of the year to make this company a safe place where everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity, has access to the same opportunities," explains Javier Hernani, CEO of BME.

For the second consecutive year, BME will attend the statewide LGTBI Pride march to be held in Madrid next Saturday, July 6, and will also install a carpet with the rainbow colors of the LGTBI flag on the steps of the Palacio de la Bolsa de Madrid during that weekend. SIX has also participated in Pride demonstrations in Zurich (June 15) and Warsaw (June 22).

SIX also has an internal community of LGTBI people and allies, Queers&Peers, where initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion are discussed. In addition, the company has a Diversity Group that works to promote a diverse and open workspace. 

Created in 2018, REDI is a non-profit association that aims to promote the general interest, contributing to a more respectful Spanish society by promoting non-discrimination and equal opportunities. By accompanying its associates, REDI activates and promotes respectful, inclusive and safe work spaces so that talent is valued, regardless of their identity, sexual characteristics, gender expression or sexual orientation.

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