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BME successfully listed first warrants using CONNEXOR

11 July, 2024
  • As a key issuer of Structured Products, Societe Generale has become the first to use Connexor in the Spanish market, benefitting from major efficiency gains in the listing process of warrants, certificates, structured notes, fixed income and other products

CONNEXOR has been successfully implemented by BME by admitting the first warrants from Societe Generale in a fully automated process. For issuers of structured products, CONNEXOR brings unprecedented automation and standardization benefits, including scalability through uniform processes, high data quality and cost savings.

As CONNEXOR enables issuers to increase the number and variety of structured products while reducing their time to market – a key element in a volatile market to offer attractive products – , investors in the Spanish market are expected to enjoy more choice to pursue their individual investment strategies.

Making CONNEXOR available to the Spanish market highlights the successful  synergies created by BME and SIX. In close collaboration, they have increased the efficiency in the competitive landscape for structured products in the Spanish Market. CONNEXOR is used within the whole BME value chain, including Iberclear as well as the Primary and Secondary Market.

Further important milestones to strengthen the competitive position of BME are the reduction on listing and trading fees, the streamlining of the review process of the legal documentation to  improve the listing process for more efficiency and the implementation of a 4 digit quotation in the leverage product segment for a more granular pricing.

André Buck, Head FI, Structured Products & CONNEXOR, Exchanges, SIX, comments: “We are very pleased that Societe Generale has started to use CONNEXOR in the Spanish market. This highlights how SIX enables financial institutions to focus on their core business while reducing operational risks and costs, making markets more efficient for the benefit of both issuers and investors.”

Hélio da Silva Cláudio, Head of Public Distribution International at Societe Generale: “As a long standing user of CONNEXOR for the Swiss and European market, we have now started using the innovative services for the Spanish Market, which represents a key milestone for us to keep growing our presence as a leader on the Listed Products market in Spain.“

More information about CONNEXOR on its website.

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