Materiality Analysis

During the 2021 financial year, BME's materiality matrix has been updated so that the material aspect related to shareholders has been eliminated, as there is only one shareholder during the 2021 financial year following the acquisition of BME by SIX and it is no longer an external stakeholder. Likewise, the relevance of the material aspects that have been renamed as "Center for sustainable finance" and "Health, safety and welfare of employees" has been increased and the detail of several material aspects has been expanded and specified in order to update the positive impacts generated on stakeholders, The categories of the material aspects of BME and SIX have also been aligned, extending the economic category of BME to the "economic and operational dimension" and including in this new category the management of clients that were under "Ethics, good governance and relations with stakeholders" (the latter now becomes "Ethics and good governance").   

More information in section 10 of the Consolidated Statement of Non-Financial Information.

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