Materiality Analysis

As a result of the integration between BME and SIX, in 2022 it was considered appropriate to carry out a homogenization exercise of the relevant issues considered in both parent companies in order to address the most important issues for the group in terms of sustainability from a common point of view. However, given the singularities of both companies, these issues have been prioritized in a particular way. As a result of the above, the materiality matrix has been updated, having modified issues such as "Cybersecurity, digitization and information privacy", which in this fiscal year has been divided into the issues "Data protection and cybersecurity" and "Digitization and innovation" or "Dissemination of financial knowledge", which in this fiscal year is located within "Contribution to society". Likewise, new issues have been identified such as "Contribution to the stability of the economy", "Development of sustainable products", "Participation in ESG debates and networking" or "Reporting recommendations".

More information in section 5 of the Sustainability Report

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