BME at institutions

As part of its contribution to the dissemination of financial knowledge, BME is part of some institutions in the academic and, above all, professional fields, such as professional associations and organisations, economics circles and other consortia such as ASCRI or Alastria. Likewise, it is an active member of federations and other stock market organisations, in which common interests are defended, with a clear orientation in the European and Latin American sphere, two of its main international catchment areas.

BME collaborates, directly or through the BME Institute and the four Stock Exchanges, in training projects and provides specific courses and seminars aimed at:

  • Universities (Malaga, Basque Country, San Pablo CEU, Cantabria, Castile la Mancha, Zaragoza, Alcalá de Henares, Salamanca, Santiago, ISDE, UNED, Madrid Polytechnic).
  • Training institutions (University College of Financial Studies, EAE Business School, IEF, the Maria Jesus Soto Foundation and the Financial Studies Foundation).
  • Groups outside the sector (General Council of the Judiciary, National Police, General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds and the Casablanca Stock Exchange).
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