Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

At BME, we value bright minds and inspire them to grow with their ideas and shape the future of finance. To do this, we need employees who look at ideas from different angles, bring in other perspectives and come up with new solutions. That’s why we are committed to diversity and inclusion and value the broad set of perspectives that team members with different backgrounds bring.


We promote diversity and inclusion and give a voice to all our employees. That's why we actively involve them in our sustainability strategy. In our goal to drive positive and sustainable change in the financial sector, our employees play an integral role.

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Activities that Promote Diversity at BME

BME benefits from the diverse know-how of its employees and wants to further promote diversity within the company. Discover more about the activities which help us create a more diverse workforce:

Membership at Advance
By becoming a member of Advance, we would like to promote our female employees and support them in their career goals. Advance is an association that aims to promote women in leadership positions. The network offers events, workshops, mentorship and advice to women in management positions and equips ambitious women managers with skills and leadership qualities. BME has set itself the goal of promoting talent and thereby increasing the proportion of women in management positions.
BME Membership at Advance
Gender Diversity Network
The Gender Diversity Network is an internal platform on which women and men actively share their experiences with each other. Its objective is to generate ideas for fostering greater diversity at BME and to put them into action. The network was founded in 2018 and is now operational at all BME business sites.
BME Gender Diversity Network
Parents at Work
Finding the balance between work and family is an ongoing challenge, especially for working parents who often feel that there are not enough hours in the day. That’s why BME offers the peer coaching program Parents@Work to all working parents across all locations, whether expecting the arrival of a new baby or having young children at home. New parents are empowered to reach their personal and professional potential through coaching, exchanges and encouragement.
Embracing Diversity: LGBT+ Network
At BME, we take pride in our diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone is valued, no matter their sexual orientation, gender expression, or identity. Our LGBT+ network is a space for all employees who want to foster a LGBT+ friendly environment. Participating in Pride events in Madrid, Zurich and Warsaw showcases our strong commitment to this cause. We firmly believe that an environment built on acceptance and equality fosters innovation, teamwork, and personal growth.
BME Embracing Diversity
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