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Aena (a state-owned company) is the world's number one airport operator by passenger volume. It also owns two of the 10 main airports in the European Union by passengers: Madrid (5th according to Airports Council International -ACI-)) and Barcelona (9th). Given the scale of Aena's airport network (46 airports and two heliports in Spain) and the diversity of the airports, Aena has vast experience in managing different types and sizes of airports.

Aena also has a significant presence outside Spain, with direct interests in 23 international airports, including London Luton, which owns 51% equity, and a 100% of Northeastern Group of airports (6) in Brazil.

The Company's performance over the past few years ensures its economic viability. There have been three main growth drivers: Improvement of management efficiency and cost rationalization; increased aeronautical and commercial revenues; and streamlined investments. The implementations of a major cost-cutting plan and measures to raise operational efficiency and productivity have already begun to yield results.

Aena has invested heavily over the past decade to make its airports among the most modern and competitive in the world, with top-flight infrastructure and strong growth potential. Investment needs have decreased sharply now that the network has the necessary capacity to absorb future growth in traffic in the coming years. With the period of major investment in new infrastructure over, the Company is facing a new scenario of streamlining, focusing on improvements in maintenance and investments in security, without compromising service quality.

The combination of cost and revenue measures has led to a major restructuring of the Company and boosted its profitability.

Since February 2015 11th Aena listed on the Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia.