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Technical Advisory Committee

The members of the Technical Advisory Committee, according to the Rules of Conduct, must act with the proper impartiality and must base their decisions on serving the interests and duties entrusted to the Committee in the best manner possible. The paragraph 2.1 of the Rules of Conduct includes a definition of the conflicts of interest.

The members of the Technical Advisory Committee must supply the Chairman with the information pertaining to the possible conflicts of interest with the issuing bodies of the securities comprising any of the Indices (or with those which may be considered by the Committee to be candidates for inclusion or exclusion from them) which they may be exposed to through family relationships, personal assets or for any other reason.

Sociedad de Bolsas, as the Benchmark Administrator, shall publish, if it is the case, the existing or potential conflicts of interest declared in this website, in compliance with that stated in Article 4.5 of the Regulation (UE) 2016/1011.

The provision of a benchmark shall be operationally separated from any part of Sociedad de Bolsas’ business that may create an actual or potential conflict of interest.