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Acerinox is the most global company in the manufacture and distribution of stainless steel and high performance alloys; a pioneer in circular economy, with a benchmark ESG model for the future, a management team with extensive experience and a solid long-term strategy. Efficiency, sustainability & productivity are aligned to optimize results.

Health & Safety are our number 1 priority, as well as social responsibility with the entire community in which we operate and with minorities.Sales of Acerinox products, with more than 11,000 possible combinations, are distributed through an extensive commercial network that covers more than 80 countries.

Acerinox products are essential, sustainable, versatile and efficient, with no alternative substitute. Materials are manufactured with more than 90% scrap and 70% of waste is recycled.Thanks to their versatility, mechanical properties and aesthetic beauty, the low maintenance they require and their recognised status as benchmarks of the circular economy, the materials manufactured by Acerinox are used in a wide variety of sectors, for example: transport, Industrial equipment & engineering, ABC & Infrastructure, Food industry and Household appliances & kitchenware. Acerinox offers a wide range of products and services all over the world.

Acerinox has a production capacity of 3,5 million tons in the melting shop and its production network consists of 13 factories. Acerinox has 6 stainless steel factories: 4 flat product plants (3 of which are integrated factories: Acerinox Europa, North American Stainless and Columbus Stainless; and the 4th, Bahru Stainless, has a cold rolling mill) and 2 long product factories. The other 7 factories (located in the United States and Germany) manufacture high performance alloys.

Founded in Spain in 1970, Acerinox is listed on the Continuous Market of the Spanish Stock Exchange and is a member of the selective IBEX35 index. With an international vocation since the beginning, Acerinox has now become the leader in the stainless steel market both in the United States and in the African continent. Acerinox is a recognised player in the European market and is the world's largest manufacturer of special alloys. 


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