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ACS Group, founded in 1997, is a worldwide leader in infrastructure development. It operates under a decentralised structure comprising over a thousand leading companies in the sector grouped into three areas of activity: Construction, Concessions and Services.

The Construction area includes Construction activities performed by Dragados and HOCHTIEF (including CIMIC) focused on the development of different projects such as Civil Works (activities related to the development of infrastructures such as highways, railways, maritime and airport works), Building (residential buildings, social facilities and installations) as well as infrastructure services (rail, transport, communications and technology, energy, resources, water and defense sectors). The geographic regions with the highest exposure to this area are North America, Asia Pacific and Europe, mainly operating in developed markets and, in geopolitical, macroeconomic and legally safe markets.

The Concessions area includes the activity of Iridium focused on the development of concessional projects, and the stake in Abertis, leading operator in transport concessions management. Besides, the Services area, only represented by Clece, is focused on facility management activity, public places and organizations, as well as care assistance. This area is mainly based in Spain, but opening to the European market.

The ACS Group has consolidated a leading business model worldwide in its sector, featuring extensive diversification in terms of geography and business activity, thanks to its strategy of pursuing global leadership, optimizing the profitability of the resources employed and promoting sustainable development. These three pillars ensure the generation of shared value for all its stakeholders and sustainable and profitable growth for its shareholders