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AEDAS Homes is a next-generation residential developer whose shares have been publicly traded in Spain since October 2017. Since its founding, the Company has relied on a decentralised, scalable organisational structure, which has proven to be a highly efficient approach. This decentralised structure comprises six Regional Branches that operate with a good deal of autonomy. By leveraging on the local know-how and experience of these regional teams, AEDAS Homes can offer customers a product that is tailored to each micro market and generate loyalty among its partners and suppliers. Critical business functions are carried out in-house, while non-critical functions are outsourced. As a result, the Company’s team, made up of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, is highly efficient and capable of responding to market trends and scaling up objectives with ease and agility. Despite a substantial degree of externalisation, the Company builds long-term relationships with its partners, generating significant loyalty and mutual trust.
The Company has three business lines which differ primarily by customer type. AEDAS Homes’ core business, its Build-to-Sell (BTS) line, focuses on the development of new-build homes for individuals who are buying their primary or second residence or as an investor. Through its Build-to-Rent (BTR) line, the Company develops turnkey projects designed specifically for the rental segment for institutional investors. Lastly, the newly-created Real Estate Services line provides development and management services to third parties, potentially co-investing with them on occasion.
The AEDAS Homes product is defined by its focus on people and how they really live, meaning that it adapts not only to their current lifestyle but also to their future needs. These homes, in residential buildings that stand out for their modern, balanced and rational architecture, feature flexible layouts intended for high intensity use throughout their entire life cycle.
As for its investment policy, the Company has consistently been very selective and disciplined, sticking to very high return thresholds and relying on its Regional Branches to identify the most interesting investment opportunities that fit with targets, customer profile and product type. After exhaustive analysis, the Investment Committee reviews each opportunity and determines the final offer. As a result, AEDAS Homes has been able to maintain a truly high-quality land bank, located across its six Regional Branches which operate in a total of 18 provinces, as shown below, with scope for the development of 17,000 units as of 31 March 2022.


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