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Berkeley Energia is a mining company focused on the development of the Salamanca Project, and is listed on the continuous market of the Spanish stock exchange, as well as on the main stock exchanges in London and Australia. The Salamanca Project has the largest uranium reserves important in Europe, and once it is up and running and at full production, it will supply 130% of the fuel needs of the Spanish nuclear power plants currently in operation, for which it will definitively contribute to guaranteeing the necessary fuel for their operation.

The company promotes mining activities in Spain, among which the start-up of the Salamanca Project stands out. The project is being developed in a historic mining area about three hours west of Madrid and has obtained, to date, more than 120 favorable permits. The company has all the necessary permits for the work it is carrying out and is in the process of obtaining the remaining permit to start construction, which is currently denied, and said resolution has been appealed and pending resolution.

Berkeley Energia, without any debt, is willing to invest 250 million euros in the Salamanca project, one of the largest investments proposed in Castilla y León, and which will create 2,500 direct and indirect jobs and support local companies. The project benefits from some of the lowest capital and operating costs in the world in this sector, thanks to its proximity to excellent existing infrastructure. This initiative, capable of supplying more than 4 million pounds of uranium per year, will generate long-term results worldwide equivalent to 10% of the total uranium required in Europe. In this way, it is ensured that the European Union will be able to count on an internal supplier.

Berkeley Energía, Spain's only listed mining company, hopes to be part of the country's modern mining history and create long-term shareholder value.

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