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CLINICA BAVIERA is the only European ophthalmic company listed in the Stock Exchange. It was born 25 years ago in Valencia (Spain), and nowadays it belongs to BAVIERA GROUP, with more than 70  clinics in Europe : Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy, and two different activities: ophthalmology and aesthetic medicine and surgery. 

BAVIERA GROUP has three business units: 

-          Ophthalmology Spain: 47 clinics.

-          Ophthalmology International: 3 clinics in Italy, 13 clinics in Germany, 5 clinics in Holland and 1 clinic in Austria.

-          Aesthetic medicine and surgery: 14 clinics in Spain.

In 1997, Clinica Baviera began its expansion plan through Spain, opening an average of 4 new clinics per year, being the leading Company in ophthalmology in Europe, offering solutions to solve myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism with refractive surgery, as well as intraocular treatments to correct cataracts and presbyopia, together with treatments to correct the rest of ophthalmic pathologies as glaucoma, vitreous-retina and strabismus.


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