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With 165 years of experience in industrial activities, Duro Felguera has refocused its business in the last decade on a diversity of activities, the main component of which is the turnkey execution of large industrial projects in various parts of the world (Engineering, Procurement & Construction projects or EPC).

In this sense, Grupo Duro Felguera develops integral projects for the construction of all types of power generation plants, installations for the treatment of minerals and the handling of bulk materials, fuel storage plants and other installations in the Oil & Gas sector, although the Group, following a strategic process, has oriented its activity not only towards these traditional businesses but also towards new businesses focused on renewable energies and intelligent systems, as a consequence of the redefinition of the business lines on which it focuses the development of its viability plan, approved by the Solvency Support Fund for Strategic Companies (FASEE).

The Group carries out the entire project process: engineering, supply, assembly, implementation, operation and maintenance. In addition to this activity, Duro Felguera executes contracts for specialised engineering, assembly and maintenance services for equipment and machinery for large industry.

Additionally, the Group, through its workshops located in the Port of Gijón, specialises in the manufacture of pressure vessels for the Oil&Gas sector, the petrochemical industry and the nuclear sector. With more than 50 years of experience in the development of projects for the most diverse international destinations, it has become one of the most important manufacturers of pressure vessels worldwide.

From January 2022, the organisation focuses on five business lines (Conventional Energy, Industrial Plants, Specialised Services, Renewable Energies and Intelligent Systems), thus boosting specialisation and project orientation in both traditional and innovative businesses, such as renewable energies, energy storage, renewable hydrogen and intelligent systems.

All the shares of Duro Felguera, S.A. are listed on the Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao Stock Exchanges, on the continuous market.


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